‘Short Circuit’ Reboot To Fall Under The Mindful Eye Of The ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks’ Director

Thursday, August 4 by

Well, news came today that the guy who directed Alvin and the Chipmunks, Tim Hill, is going to direct a reboot of the 1986 robot comedy Short Circuit. And, as though we just found out that an asteroid is headed to earth, all we can do now is say our tearful good-byes and pray for a miracle.

Deadline reports that Dimension films is in the process of making a deal with Hill to reboot the property that they acquired in 2009. A sort-of silver lining can be found in the fact that the studio has scrapped the original team of Paul Blart: Mall Cop scribe Dan Milano and Paul Blart: Mall Cop director Steve Carr. Thank God for small miracles. It’ unknown at this time whether Johnny 5’s voice will be “urban” or “hilarious old Jewish guy.”

Hill will be supervising a new script that will, let’s face it, probably incorporate Kevin James into it one way or another.


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