Shockwave’s Got His Red, Glowing Transformers-Eye On You

Friday, June 3 by

“Hey, One Eye, you think you’re so tough? Blockin’ all the god damn traffic. How ’bout I transform into a giant middle finger, eh? Hey, you hear me, ya robot freak?” *Squash*

3 photosShocker: New ‘Transformers 3′ Images Feature Explosions

That’s an exchange from my one act play: Man Who Gets Killed Talking To A Transformer. The sneak peak image below is from the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon, starring Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Patrick Dempsey. It’s a new, dizzying look at the Decepticon Shockwave, who’s working with Megatron on a crazy new scheme that’s bad news for humans. Y’know, the little fleshy guys that don’t turn into stuff.

In an interview, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently described Shockwave as “a ball of destruction, pulling whole skyscrapers down. He’s a messy guy to have in our world.” I hear he also doesn’t use a spoon when he eats pasta, and sauce gets all over the city. Very messy. Also, he kills a lot of people.

Michael Bay‘s Autobots roll into theaters June 29, 2011. (USA Today)

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