As we all know, Drew Barrymore is primarily known for her roles in gritty, violent action dramas. That's why it's a big surprise that for her directorial follow-up to Whip It - oh man, remember Whip It? - Barrymore chose to helm a romantic comedy. Very strange.

She will direct the film adaptation of Liz Tuccillo's book How to Be Single for New Line, which is one of those multi-story movies like Valentine's Day (groaaaan). The movie is about a group of New Yorkers who fall in love and break up over a decade. Will sitting through this romcom feel like a decade? If so, will I at least earn points with my girlfriend towards seeing something with guns, explosions and gunsplosions (guns that shoot when they detect a nearby explosion)?

Those details have not yet been revealed. What we do know that the script was written by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn (He's Just Not That Into You), so there you go. (Hollywood Reporter)