Shia LaBeouf Determines From Harrison Ford’s Gym Routine That ‘Indiana Jones 5′ Is “Not So Far Off”

Tuesday, June 7 by

Shia “Sequel Boy” LaBeouf notified (warned?) the public that another Indiana Jones sequel is “not so far off.” While George Lucas hasn’t been too forthright about his plans, Shia has taken to extrapolating Harrison Ford‘s workout regimen as a sign that the wheels are in motion.

In an interview with MTV, LaBeouf conveyed that he had talked to Ford recently and that Ford was “staying in the gym” to prepare for the role, so it must be around the corner. Some specious reasoning on Shia’s part, as it’s widely assumed that Lucas hasn’t yet locked down a script. So if Harrison Ford is planning on “staying in the gym” until filming starts, there’s a decent chance he could show up to set looking like a 69 year-old Vin Diesel. Which would be awesome, if only for the comedic value of it all.

Shia hedged his comments by speaking to Lucas’ process, saying “I mean, he’s got to let it sit. He’s going through his ruminations, which is extensive.”

Let’s hope those ruminations get sped up. Not because anyone’s all that excited about another installment, but because poor Harrison is an old man and years of exertion in the gym in anticipation will probably kill him.

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