Shia LaBeouf And Robert Redford Bridge The Generation Gap For ‘The Company You Keep’

Tuesday, July 19 by
Redford Is Old 

The thriller The Company You Keep just got a big dose of “multigenerational” with the addition of youngster Shia LaBeouf and oldster Robert Redford, who will also be taking on directing duties for the project.

Shia will play a young journalist who tracks down an aging fugitive revolutionary, played by Redford. The film will begin production in Vancouver in September, which is fortunate, because Vancouver is probably really nice that time of year.

The script is a Lem Dobbs adaptation of a Neil Gordon novel of the same name.

LaBeouf has certainly made the most of his-post Transformers time, signing up for a handful of prestige projects, the most notable being The Wettest County in the World, which also features Mia Wasikowska, Gary Oldman, and Tom Hardy. Meanwhile, Redford will be returning to his baseball wheelhouse playing Branch Rickey in an untitled study of Rickey’s relationship with Jackie Robinson.

First one to get a set pic of LaBeouf teaching Redford about Twitter will get the undying thanks of the Screen Junkies team. (Variety)

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