Shhhhhhh! Disney Paying Damon Lindelof Millions For Super-Secret Project

Thursday, June 9 by

Damon Lindelof is such big fan of secrecy that it not only belies the films that he writes, but the deals surrounding those films as well. In an uber-secret multi-million-dollar deal with Disney, the “Lost” brainchild has been tasked with writing a sci-fi screenplay.

Seriously. That’s all we got. Well, according to Deadline, the working title is 1952. I don’t have any idea what that means either, but knowing Lindelof, we’ll find out in the last thirty seconds of the film, so sleep easy. It’s an extraordinary sum of money for a script, so expect something on a grand scale that might not just appeal to the die-hards. It’s also being suggested that the concept won’t just be a film, but will encompass several media platforms, so don’t be surprised to find some clues in your kid’s Happy Meal or something.

Lindelof has been killing it as a screenwriter since “Lost,” having gotten his fingerprints on Cowboys and Aliens, Prometheus, and the upcoming Star Trek sequel. No Katherine Hegil romantic romps, though. What a shame

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