Or are they???

When you're a bro as in demand as Robert Downey Jr., bromances come and bromances go. And Jon Favreau needs to understand that.

News has broken that Downey Jr. has dropped out of Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens in favor of broin' out with Jude Law on the set of the Sherlock Holmes sequel. The success of the first Sherlock Holmes has prompted Warner Brothers to fast-track the sequel and put it before cameras this June, which is exactly the same time that Cowboys & Aliens is planning to begin principal photography.

It looks like this was strictly a business decision and Favreau should not take Downey's broparture to heart. I'm sure he'll find another bro who's brotastic enough for the part. That Matthew McConaughey seems nice. Just talk it over with Vince Vaughn. He's always there for a bro in need. (EW)