To the left, my dear Watson, is a brand new still from the motion picture Sherlock Holmes 2, scheduled to be released December 16th. Look carefully, and you'll see something in Mr. Robert Downey Jr.'s hand -- yes, it's an envelope, but not just ANY ordinary envelope. No, this envelope has... uh... the manilla coloring means it's... er... uhm... there are markings of an ancient... uh... clues?

Anyway, that's a picture from the new Sherlock Holmes 2, you guys! Pretty cool stuff. Also cool are the recently released plot and scene description. First, the plot:
"Set in 1891 — a year after the last film’s events — the sequel shows Holmes continuing his pursuit of Professor Moriarty (played by Jared Harris), who, if the investigator’s instincts are correct, might be the world’s first supervillain. Watson, meanwhile, is still trying to be a good partner to his love, Mary Morstan (Kelly Reilly), while keeping Sherlock alive."

Indeed, that sounds to be a difficult task for poor Mister Jude Law. Ah, but what of the scene description I discussed earlier? I shall present it to you thusly:
"On a frigid November morning, as steam rises from train engines burning fiery coal in a century-old rail depot, Sherlock Holmes is in trouble. Blood on the side of his face, he’s fleeing the staccato rat-tat-tat of 19th century gunfire. Fortunately, his loyal friend Dr. Watson is at his side, as is a rifle-toting gypsy. Outside the depot, Watson and Holmes fumble with their guns to get a bead on their assailants, but the gypsy woman, Sim, beats them to it. She confidently cocks her rifle. Boom! A man falls dead. On beat, Watson and Holmes look at each other with surprise."

You can always rely on your gypsy woman friend to kill those dudes. Well, sounds like Team Sherlock is going back to the formula of light mystery mixed with tons of action, gunfire and if we're lucky, more slow-motion face punching. I guess repeating the formula is an elementary decision. (JoBlo)