Fox has total faith in novelist Alexandra Bracken and her upcoming trilogy Black is the Color, as they have optioned all three installments for production by Shawn Levy's 21 Laps banner.

Levy's involvement on a more creative level will almost certainly hinge on Bracken's final project, but one can assume he has first-look at this film from a director's standpoint.

Black is the Color is a futuristic sci-fi odyssey in which a 16 year-old with telekinetic abilities that he can't control teams up with a group of teens on the run from the government.

Did somebody say "dystopian?"

This seems to be yet another project in a steady stream of big-budget studio releases dealing with teenagers in bleak futuristic times. "Blade Runner meets Twilight," in cliche studio exec parlance.

The first book won't be out until Summer 2012, so look for Black is the Color to be released in 2014, or "long after this fad of teens in a bleak future has passed." (Variety)