Listen, I will still defend Snakes on a Plane ‘til the day I die. It’s been five years, and no other movie since has given us snakes, on a plane. I think director David Ellis can do the same for sharks. I found out a little bit more about Shark Night 3D from Sara Paxton on the set of her next movie. She’s shooting Liars All in Los Angeles, but Shark Night gave her hardcore swimming lessons.

“They stuck me in a lake and there’s frickin’ water moccasins and alligators and there can be real bull sharks,” Paxton said. “I’m in the lake wading, and we trained with the Navy SEALS for like a month before the movie.”

No, it was not SEAL Team 6. Paxton’s Liars All costar Matt Lanter made that joke before even I could. “Oh, I get it, I get it,” Paxton said.

More importantly, Shark Night is full of young hotties in bikinis and real old school shark effects. “We got to have fun in a lake with seven young people in bathing suits all day, with animatronic sharks,” she said. “They didn’t want it to get too CGI and I kind of agree with that because I feel like too much CGI just doesn’t look that great to me.”

Shark Night 3D comes out September 14.