If the words "a fragrance from Tara Reid" didn't scare you away from this article, congratulations. Hot on the heels of her Sharknado 2 success, Tara Reid has developed a chemical that she would like women to rub on their bodies. This is even weirder than the underwear that Tommy Wiseau is hoping to sell.
Shark by Tara is a light and refreshing perfume perfect for day-to-day wear. It also incorporates a plethora of “lavender” colored flowers, which is Tara’s favorite color, making them a true fit for Shark by Tara.

Shark by Tara perfume is a complex scent with three different levels of nodes that embrace our fresh, light, and fun feel. Our top-level node is clad with iced mint, violet and lemon, while our middle node is complete with jasmine, tuberose and muguet. The last dry node is cool blue rose, amber and musk. [TaraReid.com]

Whoever the copywriter working for Tara Reid is just earned their wage. So elegant. I've also imagined Tara Reid smelled like coconut, cigarettes, and what one hopes is bleach. Please be bleach.