Shane Black Dares To Tackle ‘Iron Man 3′

Thursday, February 17 by

Shane Black is in final negotiations to direct Robert Downey Jr.‘s snarkiness in Iron Man 3. The film is set to be released May 3, 2013, so he has some time to wrap his head around a MASSIVE ACTION MOVIE FRANCHISE. Black worked with Downey Jr. on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and in fact helped make the actor a household name again. But Kiss Kiss is no Iron Man. Can a writer who’s only directed one small budget film take on a superhero?

Speaking of writing, there isn’t yet a writer set to script Iron Man 3, and Marvel is keeping their lips locked. Seems like Black would be the perfect choice considering he knows more about scripting action than directing it. After all, he did write The Last Boyscout and those tiny Lethal Weapon movies. I’m guessing Marvel hires him to tackle the Iron Man 3 script as well. The franchise could really do with a good catchphrase. (Deadline)

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