Jon Favreau is hopping into a supersuit, drunkenly crashing out the huge window at Marvel HQ, and leaving the Iron Man series behind. That's led to the question: who'll replace him as director of the popular franchise? One man who's presenting his take on the story to Marvel is Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), who wants to write and direct the threequel.

Seems like #3 in these Marvel trilogies is the easiest to screw up (see Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3, or better yet - don't), but Black is a strong candidate. He's worked well with Robert Downey Jr. before. My thinking is that if you can direct a guy getting his ass kicked in real life, you can direct a CG guy in a CG suit getting his ass kicked in CG. The scale of an Iron Man movie is super-huge, but if Darren Aronofsky can direct Wolverine, then Black should have no trouble handling a few iron dudes.

These are just talks, so who knows how they'll pan out. Also, Black may have just accidentally stumbled into Marvel's offices to avoid the police, and kinda improvised his way through the pitch. (Collider)