Hollywood is never reluctant to capitalize on the hottest craze - and what's hotter right now than the 1993 Super Nintendo game "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" (answer: nothing)? So it should come as no surprise that Zombies Ate My Neighbors will be in a theater near you before too long. The screenplay is by awful-name-haver John Darko - here's a brief synopsis of the surefire premise:
It happened one typical night in suburbia: two best friends amongst a sea of teenage angst battle for safety against the mysterious uprising of neighborhood zombies.

Little bit of John Hughes, little bit of Zombieland. Sounds kind of cool, I guess. I'm not too familiar with the game (I've heard the name, but that's about it), but if making movies out of video games is going to be a thing, better stuff like this than no-narrative like "Asteroids" or "Missile Command." (via FirstShowing.net)