When you want a guy to put monsters in something, you call writer Seth Grahame-Smith. He put monsters into Pride and Prejudice, monsters into Abraham Lincoln's biography and now he's written... hey, something original that he didn't just put monsters into. Neat.

The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter scribe just sold a spec screenplay to Fox called From Mia With Love. Mia is the story of three virgin guys who order a Russian bride, in order to lose their v-cards. If they've got Russian bride money, why not take a hilarious, mishap-filled road trip to Reno? Well, of course, the hot lady will not sleep with them, but instead of stealing their money and quickly fleeing, she helps them become "more suitable mating material." Eh, my disbelief can be suspended at least until the first trailer's released.

This John Hughes-inspired comedy was co-written by David Katzenberg, Kevin Chesley and Bryan Shukoff. Katzenberg is set to direct. (Deadline)