Set Phasers To Gay: Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto Comes Out

Monday, October 17 by
"Live long and brunch."  

Zachary Quinto, best known for playing Spock in the J.J. AbramsStar Trek franchise, as well as Sylar in NBC’s Heroes, has come out as gay in a recent interview with New York magazine.

Quinto’s sexuality has been a topic of discussion over the past few years, as he had been outspoken on gay rights issues, but chose not to confirm or deny rumors so as “not to feed the rumor mill with either substantiation or dismissal.” His sudden change of heart in part stemmed from the suicide of bullied gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer.

However, don’t think that because Quinto came out for a cause he’s an idealist. He further conveyed to New York, “…as a citizen of this country, I feel deeply unsettled that people are rising up in movements against each other. It feels like we’re missing the mark. … The bottom line is we’re all f—ed, and we’re all in this together.”

Now, if only he could also do something for all those bullied Star Trek fans.

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