See Emily Browning’s Hot, Sexy Back In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Poster

Friday, April 29 by

Some of you butt, boob and leg guys out there might switch to the under appreciated back after seeing this poster below. That is one nice looking backside, and I mean that literally. But I digress.

Written and directed by Julia Leigh, Sleeping Beauty stars Emily Browning as a prostitute who takes sleeping pills right before a night’s work, so she can be completely submissive to the dudes she boinks for cash. The movie’s trailer is sexy, the poster is sexy – hell, I feel sexier just looking at these previews. The cast also includes Rachael Blake, Michael Dorman, and Mirrah Foulkes.

Currently, there’s no release date, but damn it, there should be. (Stale Popcorn)

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