Author Daniel Silva writes spy novels focusing on the character of Gabriel Allon, a semi-retired Mossad agent "who killed six of the terrorists that murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics" and "makes his living as an art restorer ... but he still takes assignments as an Israeli spy." Whoa, so this is a sequel to Munich?

Just kidding. Anyway, Universal apparently sees this as a Bourne-style spy franchise. Which is good for them, since there's no shortage of material to adapt - Allon has appeared in 10 Silva novels so far, with the latest, Portrait of a Spy, coming out in July.

The other interesting aspect of this story is one of its producers - the universally beloved Jeff Zucker, former head of NBCUniversal. His involvement apparently comes from his close friendship with Silva, proving that he does indeed have at least one friend. (via Deadline)