Secret Service, Tired Of SEAL’s Getting So Much Press, Gets Its Own Movie

Wednesday, May 25 by

Navy SEAL teams aren’t the only ones getting love from Hollywood these days. Universal Pictures is putting together a film that takes a realistic look at the training that the Treasury Department agents known as the Secret Service go through.

The film will be an adaptation of a Washington Post article by Laura Blumenfeld, penned by screenwriter Greg Poirier, who has the dubious distinction of having written National Treasure: Book of Secrets. The film won’t be quite as high-concept as In the Line of Fire. Rather, it will take a more day-to-day approach to the agents and trainees.

Deadline states that an “everyman aspect” could be adopted to this film due to the fact that applicants to the Secret Service aren’t required to have a law enforcement background. Did someone say “Police Academy?” Yup. I did. Let me be clearer. I very much hope this film is exactly like Police Academy. There. I said it.

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