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Warner Bros., director Zack Snyder, and producer Chris Nolan are on the prowl for a Man of Steel. In their search, they're open to creating a star for the Superman reboot. Hey Kid, ya wanna be a star? Deadline reports "the actor will either be a discovery or on TV but likely someone who isn't well known yet. And he'll be in the age range of 28-to-32. The studio expects to look at hundreds of young actors before making a decision." Talk about a tough job. Fanning themselves off after each smoldering audition will take up most of the day.

Armie Hammer (The Social Network), Joe Manganiello "True Blood"), Ian Somerhalder ("The Vampire Diaries"), and Jon Hamm "Mad Men" duh) have all been rumored as possibilities. Some are too young, some are too old, and some have commitments to television shows that mostly girls and guys with girlfriends watch. Why not just bring back Brandon Routh? He was the best part of Superman Returns and I'm fairly certain his schedule is wide open. In fact, his wife would probably love to get him out of the house. Keeping that many Millomars on hand is expensive.