Seann William Scott And His Tibetan Mastiff Look For Corned Beef Recipes

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What do Seann William Scott, Corned Beef Recipes, and Tibetan Mastiffs all have in common? Nothing, except at the moment they’re all trending topics on Google. And while we here at Screen Junkies strive to bring you quality original content day in and day out, we’re still chasing the almighty dollar. That’s why we’ve launched the Screen Junkies Shameless Search Engine Scam, in which we take trending topics (like Seann William Scott and Corn Beef Recipes) and recreate them using movie posters. Hang on tight, cause we’re about to hit a new low.

Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe

We’re guessing that most people are searching for “Corned Beef Recipe” because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. But there’s always an off chance that they are actually searching for L’opération Corned-Beef, a French comedy starring Jean Reno, and Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War, a British film about a middle-aged woman dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s death. Don’t judge me. Don’t you dare judge me!

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, it makes sense that people are searching for holiday recipes. It would also make perfect sense if people were searching for the 1997 film, St. Patrick’s Day, as well as the T.V. movie, Recipe for Disaster, starring John Larroquette and Lesley Ann Warren. After all, nothing says St. Patrick’s day like John Larroquette, AM I RIGHT?

Tibetan Mastiff

Some people are going to tell you that “Tibetan Mastiff” is trending because some super rich dude in China just paid a boat load of money for one of the dogs. Don’t believe the hype. Obviously, Brad Pitt’s Seven Years in Tibet is making a resurgence in popularity, as is the character of Professor Daniel Mastiff from the 2008 classic, Bonekickers. God I love Bonekickers.

Seann William Scott

Hooray! This actually pertains to our site, since Seann William Scott is an actor! On the same day that production of the next American Pie sequel (American Reunion) was announced, Seann William Scott went into rehab for undisclosed issues. We’re hoping he gets the help he needs. We’re also hoping he reunites with Ashton Kutcher for Dude, Where’s My Methadone…No Seriously, There Are Bugs Under My God Damn Skin.

Bracket Predictions

Last but not least, people are searching heavily for “bracket predictions,” an obvious reference to George Logan and Patrick Fyffe’s comedy routine, “Hinge and Bracket,” in which the British comedians dressed as old women and sang songs. Well here’s a prediction; the pair are never coming back because Patrick Fyffe is dead. There. Are you happy?


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    This piece is fantastic. Clearly the author has a great future in movie…magazines

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    Duane Seigler

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    Goodness! You make an interesting and sharply observant prediction. However my own feeling is that you WILL be seeing more of Hinge and Bracket. And others seem to agree with me. Do check out this link, now there’s a dear

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