[post-album postid="209987" item="1"]"Game Of Thrones" star Sean Bean makes a living by hanging around stabbings and topless women all day. Why should his day-off be any different?
According to the Daily Mail, the incident kicked off when the 52-year-old Bean and 22-year-old Playboy bunny April Summers (real name Nadia Foster) went outside Camden's Hill Bar and Brasserie to smoke. A passerby spotted the duo (or at least one half of the duo) and began making lewd comments, leading Bean to confront the big talker.

All was seemingly well until the stranger returned later on, at which point a scuffle broke out, and Bean was reportedly punched in the face, causing a bruise over his eye, and stabbed in the arm with broken glass. Despite his wounds, Bean refused any medical attention and opted not to go to a hospital.

Instead, the actor accepted a first aid kit from the bar staff, then ordered another drink.

Great stuff. The takeaway here is Sean Bean has challenged Hugh Hefner's throne. Time for the real bloodshed to commence. (E!)