British actor, and complete badass, Sean Bean is in final negotiations for the role of the king in Relativity Media's more family-friendly version of Snow White. He will play Snow White's (Lily Collins) papa, whose kingdom is destroyed by Julia Roberts. Actually, it's by her Queen character, but it would be much more amusing the other way. Armie Hammer is set also to play the princely love interest in the film directed by Tarsem Singh. [post-video postid="220371"]

Relativity's take on the Snow White tale releases March 16, 2012, beating Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman by two months. The question is, once the audience has had its taste of one Snow White movie, will they care for another two months later? Especially one that doesn't have Sean Bean in it? And the bigger question is, what new way can they kill Bean this time? The guy in the master of the on-screen death.