On March 4, Alex Winter (Bill) Tweeted that the script for Bill and Ted 3 was complete. The news was met with gasps and cheers as the world collectively exclaimed, "Alex Winter is on Twitter? Why?"

For moments like this, people.

As co-star Keanu Reeves had said in an interview a while back, the script is done, but the project hasn't yet gotten the go-ahead, so we're stuck in a state of limbo, not unlike Bill and Ted were in their Bogues Journey. It's been 21 years since the last Bill and Ted film, so where the writers decided to pick this one up is anyone's guess. Fortunately, Bill and Ted seems to be a pretty forgiving franchise when it comes to leaps of logic, so whether or not the two actors continue to play high school version of themselves or middle-age men is pretty much irrelevant.

The important thing is that they conduct another presentation to the students of San Dimas and really dive into Bill's Oedipal complex.