You have to admire the variety of tacts taken by Marvel in producing films in the ever-expanding X-Men universe. Having gone with Aronofsky (who recently bode the project a "smell you later") for The Wolverine and Matthew Vaughn for X-Men Origins: First Class, the studio has taken a different approach for the third film in the pipeline, X-Men Origins: Deadpool, which should star Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Tim Miller, the visual effects wizard behind the first X-Men and countless other films has been hired to helm the installment. Few other details are available at this time, as Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are still writing the script.

For those unfamiliar, the character of Deadpool was a mercenary with terminal cancer who underwent the Wolverine treatment to heal. The treatment takes, but ironically leaves him covered in scars. Looks like Mr. Reynolds won't be pretty no more. Though Reynolds hasn't officially signed on, unless The Green Lantern puts up Pluto Nash-like numbers, expect Marvel to just start driving dump trucks of money to Reynold's opulent mansion. Congratulations on all your success, Ryan. (Deadline)