Big news: Prometheus, a closely guarded sci-fi project with the "strands of Alien's DNA" is happening, with Ridley Scott directing and a release date already announced. Scott has conveyed "Alien was indeed the jumping off point for this project, out of the creative process evolved a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place."

According to, Scott's vision was originally written by Jon Spaihts, but apparently has been honed by Scott himself and no less than Damon Lindelof, one of the driving forces behind "Lost." No plot specifics have been given, but one casting note is available. Noomi Rapace will be playing the role of scientist Elizabeth Shaw. She was hand-picked by Scott after her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander, the titular lead in all three original movies in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. The release date is scheduled for March 9, 2012, which really isn't that far off, so expect things to get clearer soon.

Those are the details. What does it mean for the much-discussed and anticipated Alien prequel? It's unsure, but it would appear that this will supersede that project. Whether or not it will replace the prequel entirely has not been made clear by anyone in the know yet. Though no timelines has been given for Prometheus, it's expected that roles in the film will be cast soon. This news may beg more questions than it answers, but the combination of Cuse, Scott, and the Alien universe will probably ease the mourning of those anticipating the prequel.