Scorsese’s Sinatra Biopic To Have That “Scott Rudin Feeling”

Monday, March 7 by

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting news of Martin Scorsese‘s movie about the life of Frank Sinatra, this should … well, it’s news. Producer Scott Rudin (most recently of True Grit and The Social Network) has signed on as a producer on the film, entitled Sinatra. This Rudin fellow is a busy guy – he’s currently working on four other upcoming movies for various studios.

Scorsese has a lot coming up right now, too. Hugo Cabret is opening in November, and he’s attached to several other projects, including The Irishman with pallies De Niro and Pesci. So it might be a while before he gets to Sinatra.

As for the big question of who’s going to attempt to do justice to Frank on the screen, it’s still in the air. I’d suggest James Franco, but you’d think I was just making a joke about how he’s in everything now. Seriously though, he’d be good. Maybe he could play all 4 members of the Rat Pack, plus Kim Novak. (via Deadline)

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