One of the best movies from the famous Scorsese/De Niro series of collaborations is The King of Comedy, which stars Robert De Niro as bottom-of-the-barrel comedian Rupert Pupkin, who decides to take his beloved comedy idol (played by Jerry Lewis) hostage in order to appear on his show.

Now, there's a rumor going around that there's going to be a return to that type of material for both of these movie giants, called The Comedian. It's the baby of producer Art Linson, who wrote the script about an old insult comic in the Don Rickles mold. And De Niro reportedly loves the script, and Linson wants to get Martin Scorsese to direct it. No word on whether Scorsese is actually interested in such a project, and it will be a wonder if he is, since he's got so much on his plate as it is, including another movie with De Niro, The Irishman. But, it's nice to have hope. (Showbiz 411)