Scorsese and De Niro Back In the Mob

Thursday, October 2 by

It’s freezing out today and I’m in a bad mood because tonight’s debate is bumping The Office (I know, that’s pathetic), but the news that Martic Scorsese and Robert De Niro are doing another mafia project has made my morning just a little brighter. It’s going to be an adaptation of the book I Heard You Paint Houses, which tells the story of a mob hitman who may have whacked Jimmy Hoffa. Joe Pesci is currently reading the book, hoping there’s a role for a little fat guy who kills everybody and fucks everything up.

As if Scorsese and De Niro weren’t enough star power, they have also tapped Steve Zaillian to write the script. American Gangster, part of Gangs of New York and Schindler’s List all came out of that guy’s fingers onto a keyboard. It has all the makings of an amazing movie, so let’s hope it turns out that way. The last all-star picture De Niro did, Righteous Kill, didn’t exactly blow anyone’s pants off, but I still have faith in the Bobby D and Marty combo.

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