CBS Films had already picked Legend to be their flagship franchise after Twilight ends its reign of terror at the box office, and signing director Jonathan Levine puts them one step closer to that goal. However, while Levine's attachment soles one problem for them, there's still that pesky issue of not having any source material to adapt.

Legend won't hit shelves until November, which actually works well, as Levine, whose biggest credit until now has been The Wackness, will be knee-deep in Warm Bodies, a delightful zombie romance film. While The Wackness was a low-budget coming-of-age indie tale, Warm Bodies will probably serve as a better barometer of what this guy is capable of when he's got the weight of a studio and starpower behind him, so let's wait and see with this one, hmmmm?

Legend, as described by Vulture, is "a Robin Hood–esque tale set a hundred years in the future against a Blade Runner–like Los Angeles." Yeah, they better start cranking on that book. That little synopsis is pretty damn vague.