According to MTV, actor Terry Crews has spilled the beans that Arnold Schwarzenegger will in fact be making a brief appearance (also known as a "cameo") in Terminator Salvation.  Terry, you son of a bitch!

But wait!  Crews also confirms that he'll be teaming up with Arnold in yet another action flick... Find out which after the jump.


According to MTV,

"The burly, affable Crews said he was excited to make a double-reunion with Arnold, as they’ll also be briefly joining forces in the Sylvester Stallone tough-guy flick The Expendables."

“I am not at liberty to discuss what kind of cameo it is [in ‘The Expendables’], but I know for a fact he wants to be down,” Crews explained. “Arnold and I did a movie together a long time ago called ‘The 6th Day.’ Arnold and I are cool; he’s the best.”

I think the biggest news I got out of this is that the new way to describe Terry Crews is "the burly, affable Crews."