Schwarzenegger Gets $12.5 Million To ‘Cry Macho’ On Camera

Wednesday, May 4 by

Wanna know why Arnold Schwarzenegger left politics? It’s all about the math. As The Governator – the real one, not the ridiculous cartoon version – he left the state with a deficit of around $25 billion dollars. However, to play a horse breeder in the upcoming film Cry Macho, Schwarzenegger will earn $12.5 million dollars. Preside over billions lost or collect a check for multi-millions? After thinking about it for awhile, I know I would also respectably choose the latter.

The deal with financier QED International gives Arnold the big payday, plus 25% of the first dollar gross. QED will sell the worldwide distribution rights at Cannes. So: money, money, money.

In Cry Macho, Schwarzenegger plays a Kentucky Derby-winning horse breeder whose life turns to figurative horse shit. The only way he can keep his job is to kidnap the boss’ son from his ex-wife’s mansion in Mexico. Yeah, I think we’ve all been there, am I right? I guess we’ll have to see if this movie gallops to the front on the box office, so Schwarzenegger gets to keep his old job of starring in movies. (Deadline)

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