Arnold Schwarzenegger looks primed to return as The Terminator, with Fast Five's Justin Lin attached to direct, the as-of-yet-scriptless project. CAA is shopping a package around that includes the rights to the franchise with both Arnie and Lin's attachment. Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate are all interested, but finding a buyer shouldn't take long given the heat of both Lin, with Fast Five coming out this weekend, and Schwarzenegger, who has enjoyed something of a career renaissance since his return to private life.

Although no details are available on the premise (since there's no screenplay), nor a timeline here, it's safe to say that this would probably take priority over any other projects, as whatever studio pays the $30mm or so to get this project will probably want to see a return on that investment sooner rather than later.

Don't be surprised if this film takes place so far in the future that technology is such that cyborgs not only age, but get fat. But the technology still isn't there to change an Austrian accent. (Deadline)