First a Terminator, then a Governator, now a Terminator once again?

Since "The Great Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweet of 2011," offers have been coming in for the former Kindergarden Cop. Apparently the hottest offer being discussed is for Universal to team him up with director Justin Lin (three Fast and Furious movies) and writer Chris Morgan (also three Fast and Furious movies) for another Terminator movie. So, yes, Arnold wouldn't just "be back," he'd "be back" in the role where he says he'll "be back." Can't get more "back" than that.

The franchise, once hotter than molten steel, has cooled off considerably in recent years. It would take some serious time traveling to change the weak box office numbers from Terminator: Salvation, and legal troubles + bankruptcy issues with the property's former owner have left many doubting whether Terminator has a future. However, with Schwarzenegger now in the picture once again, we might not have to say "hasta la vista" after all. (Deadline)