1997's favorite cool LA party guys from Swingers, Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau, have gone on to unequivocal success. For Favreau it's been as a big-budget director, and for Vince Vaughn, it's been playing a fast-talking jerk with fluctuating weight.

But they haven't really appeared together in a starring capacity since the underwhelming Made. (We'll pretend Couples Retreat didn't happen.) But that's set to change with the crime drama Term Life, which actually sounds pretty badass.

Vaughn plays a thief who's got the cops, mob, and a bunch of other people out to get him, and has taken out a life insurance policy that doesn't pay out unless he survives for 21 days. Jon Favreau's role isn't clear, but let's guess that he plays a cop or a mobster. Either one would be terrific.

Let's see if they can get back to their fighting weights, if not literally, than at least figuratively.