Apparently stealing someone's nude photos isn't viewed as a victimless crime by law enforcement. Weird.

Christopher Cheney, a 35 year-old Florida man, has been arrested on a whole mess of charges, but the only ones we really care about are the hackings of cell phones belonging to Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera, and, most fruitfully, Scarlett Johansson.

Other charges levied against him include wiretapping, fraud, and identity theft, which when summed up, could mean up to 121 years in jail for Mr. Cheney. Yikes. This would be the Tower Heist to the Blake Lively Ocean's Eleven.

Well, I felt a little guilty that this guy is going to jail considering he kept me vaguely interested in Johansson's nude body some Tuesday morning a month ago, but then I found out that he stole someone's identity. That's crappy behavior no matter whose tits you show me.

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