Welcome to Cougar TownBetsy Russell may be in her forties, but damn if she doesn't make us do a double take.  She's been starring in the Saw movies as Jill since Saw III, but you may better remember her in the role of 'Girl' in a 1982 episode of Family Ties.  Also, we can't show you the NSFW pics on our site, but Betsy rode horseback in Private School...without a shirt.  Sounds painful.

A word from Betsy: Saw VI answers the question, 'What's in my box?'"

(Slack-jawed blank stare) One ticket, please! First, Betsy's box and then Cameron Diaz's next month. The mysteries of the universe are about to be revealed to us.

The pics after the jump deliver, but not as much as you'd hope.