James Wan is responsible for the mostly-maligned (except by the millions of people who go see the movies) Saw series, but his reputation in horror is improving since the release of Insidious, which is supposed to be pretty good. And his upcoming thriller The Conjuring has a couple of famous faces to go with its irritating "The _____ing" title: Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

It looks like the movie is going to be one of those "based on a true story wink wink" haunted house deals, like The Amityville Horror. Wilson previously worked with Wan on Insidious, but Farmiga is new to the Guy Who Did Saw Club. They will be playing a married pair of "demonologists" who take on the case of their lives, whatever, loud noises, demons, shadows, you know the deal. I hope it's good! (The Hollywood Reporter)