Screw #OWS: Save The ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Chapel

Wednesday, November 30 by
Future Jim Gaffigan has traveled back in time to save this important landmark. 

Movie fans are hoping the cemetery chapel featured in Night of the Living Dead can get a new lease on life.

The cemetery association was planning to tear down the boarded up building, but Gary Streiner has stepped in to attempt to save it. Streiner, who was an audio technician on George Romero’s zombie classic, is trying to raise $50,000 to repair the building and convert it into a movie museum or a space that can be rented out for private events like zombie-themed weddings. So far he has raised about $7,000. The cemetery association president has told the press that the building will be destroyed if the funds are not raised.

However, thanks to a loophole in Pennsylvania State Law, Streiner is legally allowed to challenge the association to a series of Greek Games in a last bid attempt to save the property. If he can emerge victorious in the athletic portion, charity sales and costume events, and finally, the talent show, the chapel will be saved and he’ll take control of the Greek Council.

Go to if you’re interested in helping the cause. (MSNBC)

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