Sasha Grey is starring in a movie that won't bring oxygen deprivation induced tears to her eyes. At least not by her usual means. The porn actress with the gift of no gag plays a Jesus freak in Richard O'Sullivan's horror flick Hallows. O'Sullivan says:

"Hallows basically takes the standard kids-in-the-woods-running-from-a-killer genre and flips it on its ear. The deaths aren't random. They're not cookie cutter. Each character dies in a fashion relating to the way they live their life. I'm less interested in gore-for-the-sake-of-gore (although there is gore in this film and plenty of it) than the psychology behind the characters and how they react to what happens. That's why we're happy to be working with Sasha. She's more interested in the psychology behind the action than just the action itself. That's what she conveys in her work in the adult genre, and that's what we're going for in this film."

I totally see what he means. When I Googled Sasha's name I came across a picture of her trying to shove a cocktail napkin up her coochie and I thought to myself, "That girl gets the human condition." (DreadCentral)