Sarah Silverman and her brand of baby-talk profanity have been recruited by NBC to star in a pilot for next fall. Should the show get picked up, it would most likely be added to a lineup that would include shows from Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler.

Readers, say hello to "Sort-Of Attractive and Not-Really-That-Funny Wednesdays." This fall, on NBC! * xylophone chimes*

One saving grace for the show is that it's a pet project of Ron Howard, who gave us Arrested Development and, therefore, is a more important American than Abraham Lincoln. The (sort of) logline is (from Deadline):
"Loosely based on Silverman’s life, the untitled single-camera comedy stars the comedian as a woman readjusting to the single life after a decade-long live-in relationship. Silverman wrote the script with Dan Sterling and Jon Schroeder, who were writer-producers on her self-titled Comedy Central series."

Well, I wasn't the hugest fan of her CC show, but I fear that when here profane charm is ground down by the network so as not to offend anyone, the results will be less than stellar.

Still, it's gotta be better than Mike and Mindy or whatever the hell that other show is called.