Imagine Television has inked a deal with Sarah Silverman for a script and possible pilot from the comedienne. Should it get picked up to pilot, the deal stipulates that she would star in the pilot and subsequent episodes. Which is good, because jokes about aborted fetuses aren't quite as cute when they're coming out of Larry the Cable Guy's mouth. THR has reported the story with zero plot details, but they do remind us that Silverman won an Emmy for "I'm Fucking Matt Damon." Huh.

The show would be written by Silverman and"The Sarah Silverman Program" alum Jon Schroeder, and overseen by its former showrunner Dan Sterling. Sounds like they're getting the band back together. The only problem is, the band doesn't know where it's going to go. No deals with networks have been struck so it's unsure if this will be drafted with cable outlets in mind or more family-friendly networks. I whole-heartedly believe that middle-America is ready for jokes about raping Chinese people, so it could go either way.

Silverman and her vag will next appear in Take This Waltz with Seth Rogen.