Like Patrick Wilson and Ben Affleck before them, Luke Wilson and Leslie Bibb will soon meet evil in the form of Samuel L. Jackson. Based on the novel Meeting Evil by Thomas Berger, Wilson plays some guy who agrees to help Samuel L. Jackson with some car trouble. Then he gets all evil. And there's probably swear words.
John Felton meets evil late one Monday morning when the doorbell rings. Standing on the front porch is a stranger. He wears expensive running shoes and a baseball cap and calls himself Richie. He tells John his car has stalled and asks for help. An altercation at the gas station leads to a shocking crime as violence begets violence. At the end of this harrowing day, John returns home to find Richie ensconced in his living room, chatting up his wife. The evil has somehow seeped into his life. Thus begins the transformation of an unremarkable husband and father of two into a desperate man willing to go to any length to protect his family from the darkness that threatens them.

I don't know what Wilson was thinking agreeing to help that guy. If some guy shows up on my porch wearing only expensive running shoes and a baseball cap, the last thing I'm doing is getting into a car with him. And, no, it's not a race thing, you guys. (Scene)