I did saber toothed tiger fangs 'cause they're funnier. Leave the room if you got a problem.

Sam Worthington, who must have made a pact with the Devil to achieve his current "it" status, has signed on to play the "it" vampire in Dracula Year Zero. The film, which is being directed by Alex Proyas (he worked with Nic Cage so we should be good), explores the origin of Dracula in a tragic love story chalk full of love and war shrouded in homoerotic nuance no doubt.

Worthington already played a cyborg and an alien, he'll soon be seen as Greek hero in Clash of the Titans, and now he can add a cape and widow's peak latex cap to his costume drawer.  I'd say he's about as versatile an actor as Gary Oldman.

As Vince from FilmDrunk would say, "That tastes like a burn."

(LatinoReview, THR)