Sam Worthington will add "wearing a hat" to his growing repertoire. In addition to roles in Dan Dare: Pilot Of the Future, Dracula Year Zero, and The Fields, he is now attached to star as literary adventurer and Indiana Jones inspiration, Allan Quatermain. But don't worry. Dreamworks can sense you yawning at that news and that's why the classic hero will be given a sci-fi makeover. For the new non-stuffy Quatermain, Worthington will return from space to an abandoned Earth for an epic treasure hunt.

When reached for fictional comment, star and producer Sam Worthington had this to say, "I'd like to really master the hat-wearing aspect of this character. This will require loads of practice. I'll wear all types of hats to acclimate my scalp to the process. I'm actually beginning training with a hat-wearing coach next week. This guy that Jim [Cameron] recommended. Seems like a good bloke." (THR)