Sam Raimi really wants Hilary Swank to play an old witch. Thank you?

The Oz: The Great and Powerful director is championing Swank to play the elder witch but Disney has noticed that most of her films tank hard, and they aren't so up on the idea. Their solution: Michelle Williams. Which seems kind of left field.

Raimi famously fought for Tobey Maguire over Wes Bentley back when he was making Spider-Man. And look how that paid off. Maguire still does a movie from time to time and Wes Bentley recently captivated audiences with his performance in Jonah Hex.

Nobody's sure how far Raimi is going to let the battle go, but I don't see him backing down that easily. Besides if he stalls long enough, Michelle Williams is likely to be snatched up by some indie that needs an actress really good at scenes that require crying in the shower. (Vulture)