Spread your apps for Papa.

Sam Mendes is transitioning from directing Academy Award winning movies such as American Beauty to directing commercials for Apple's new iPhone. He's currently shooting this week for commercials that will air after Steve Jobs announces the new "gimme gimme!" device on June 7th. According to Engadget, the series of commercials are being referred to internally as the Mammoth / N90:

A trusted source has confirmed to us that the ads will feature at least one spot where a mother and daughter are having a video chat conversation using the new front-facing camera that’s been spied on the face of that iPhone floating around Vietnam and Northern California.

Mendes joins the ranks of David Fincher, Ridley Scott, and Errol Morris, who have all directed commercials for Apple. I'm not saying Apple is extorting these talented helmers, but is it so hard to believe that Fincher and Scott didn't properly dispose of a production assistant's body in the past? Steve Jobs has eyes and ears everywhere... **Puts on tin foil hat. Smears Cheetos dust on video chat camera** (/Film)