Sam Kinison Biopic To Scream At You Soon

Thursday, November 18 by

Tom Shadyac is stepping out of the trailer park and back behind the camera. The Ace Ventura director will next take on a Sam Kinison biopic for HBO Films. The film is based on the memoir Brother Sam: The Short, Spectacular Life of Sam Kinison. Rich Wilkes, the writer of xXx (WTF?), will pen the script, and Dan Fogler is attached to star as the beret wearing comedian.

I personally have never been a huge fan of Kinison. I get the whole angsty thing, but the screaming schtick always annoyed me more than amused me. Even in the screen test of Fogler I’ve posted below, I just want to tell him to keep it down. In a tiny comedy club, Kinison’s primal scream must have been an assault on the ears. I’m trying to enjoy my chicken fingers over here, guy! (Variety)

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  1. November 18, 2010 10:48 am


    Kinison only screamed once or twice during his act. If you listen to a full album, he was quite brilliant (despite the several homophobic rants that were just cruel and unfunny). I hope the film doesn’t overplay the screaming, like that was his whole bit. He was a great comedian.

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