Sam Claflin To Be The Prince To Kristen Stewart’s Twitchy Snow White

Wednesday, May 4 by

Since they’re having a bitch of a time finding a Huntsman, they’ve decided to go with a lesser-known prince. While the name Sam Claflin may not mean anything to you now, give him six months or so and you might be singing a different tune. With his involvement in Snow White and the Huntsman, he has put together quite the trifecta of blockbuster roles.

Claflin has scored a starring role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, due to arrive later this month, as well as the lead role in the supernatural The Seventh Son opposite Jeff Bridges, which is in production.

And now he’s a prince. Alex Pettyfer better watch his damn back. There’s a new disarmingly attractive young actor on the prowl. Claflin will be no doubt hooking up with Kristen Stewart, the project’s Snow White. I guess he decided to do the project in spite of that. What a professional. (Deadline)

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