Who Is Salt?

[post-video postid="5268"] That mysterious question is so Summer 2010. The new mystery question for Summer 2011 is...

Who asked for Salt 2?

The answer is the movie-going public, since the Angelina Jolie action spy thriller scored around $300 million worldwide at the box office, making a sequel as inevitable as Evelyn Salt stopping the nuclear missiles at the end. Sony has tapped Salt writer Kurt Wimmer for a draft, which he's currently penning. Jolie is apparently interested in returning to the role, provided the project comes together in a way she's happy with. So... a bigger paycheck?

Originally, Salt was written for Tom Cruise, but after discussions about the project, Cruise felt the character was too close to Ethan Hunt from the Mission: Impossible series. Jolie was interested in starring in her own James Bond type series, and that led to the Salt rewrite. The sequel is being written for Jolie, but maybe she'll opt out and they'll rewrite the part for Will Smith or something. (Deadline)